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Need help to run your business online? Get simple, secure and cost-effective support to buy domain names, host your website and manage WordPress. We’re here to help, so you don’t get stuck. 

Choose from a wide range of domain names and how long you want to keep each name (from 1 year to 10 years). Trust that your site is secure as we only use a UK data centre for hosting. Your data won’t be stored in an offshore location. In addition, receive free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates so there’s a secure connection between the browser and your website server. As a result, visitors to your site will see the padlock symbol and know that your site is safe.

Finally, to help manage your budget we’ve put together a cost-effective Managed WordPress package. This takes care of all the technical elements for one price.

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Domain Registration

Do you have a name for your new business?


Secure your business’ home on the internet today with a custom domain name. Because tomorrow it could be gone. Browse the wide range of domains available. All of the standard domains (.com,, .org etc) are here as well as specialist ones too (.agency, .club, .shop etc).

Also, you have the flexibility to choose your registration period from 1 year to 10 years. Register your domain, before someone else takes your name.

Lookout Managed IT Services in West Yorkshire

Popular domains including .com,, .org etc

Niche domains including .agency, .club, .shop etc

Choose your registration period from 1 year to 10 years

Full management of your domain name, point to custom DNS

Once you’ve chosen your domain, you’ll be able to create a new site with our Web Hosting and Managed WordPress services. Or you can point your domain name to your existing site.

To protect your business brand, you can register multiple variations for your domain name. For example, if you’ve registered, you may want to register as well.

Web Hosting with Lookout Managed Services in Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Web Hosting

Do you need web hosting that you can trust? When you host your site with us you benefit from flexible, reliable and secure hosting. Flexibility is built in as you can choose from a variety of hosting packages offering different bandwidths. Reliable performance is part of your service because we provide 1GB/sec connectivity. You also benefit from the latest internet protocol as we’re IP v6 compliant.

Your site is secure because we include SSL certificates as standard via Let’s Encrypt. This means the traffic through your site is encrypted and protected from unwanted attention. And you have peace of mind because your site is hosted in a UK data centre.

Choose web hosting you can trust.

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If your site is built in WordPress you’ll have access to our WordPress Toolkit which helps you carry out many of the tasks you need to manage your site.

To upgrade the encryption on your site you can also purchase SSL certificates via our portal, starting at £13.75 per year, and install them on your site.

Managed WordPress

Our Managed WordPress package provides a cost-effective management solution for your WordPress based website.

We look after the technical aspects of your site, so you can concentrate on your customers and the content of the site. Our dedicated servers come with SSD’s and are hosted in UK data centres, meaning you’re covered under the Data Protection Act. Also, we partner with CloudFlare to ensure that any customers outside of the UK are also served quickly.

Start your WordPress site with everything you need to get off the ground.

WordPress Hosting in West Yorkshire

Feature packed...

Security is a major benefit of our WordPress service. All our Managed WordPress packages come with a free RapidSSL Certificate. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that all traffic from your site is encrypted across the Internet.

You’ll also have access to WordFence Premium. This plugin guards your site in real time from malware and brute force attacks. In addition, the WordFence Firewall protects you from over 3,500 known security flaws in WordPress and its plugins.

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